List of Error Codes

Error Code Tranlsation
0x4004 Error! Please close this application and try again.
0x7012 Failed to retrive backup information!
0x7016 Out Of Memory!
0x701c No Enough Free Disk Space!
0x7108 Failed to create file!
0x7115 Failed to open database!
0x7117 Failed to initialize Backup Job!
0x7118 Failed to create backup file!
0x7119 Failed to write to destination file!
0x711a No file changed, backup will not be started.
0x711b Failed to close the operation!
0x711c Failed to read disc!
0x711d Disk doesn't have enough free space.
0x711e Failed to create burning information file!
0x7121 Failed to write file!
0x7128 Failed to read disc!
0x7129 No disk drive found!
0x712c Failed to retrive disc information!
0x7130 Failed to write backup information!
0x7131 Failed to burn data to disc!
0x7132 Failed to close session!
0x7133 Failed to create restore information file!
0x7134 Failed to get specified job information!
0x7136 Failed to retrieve disk path!
0x7137 Job file is missing or corrupted.
0x7140 Failed to find USB device!
0x7141 Failed to copy files!
0x7142 Failed to burn data to disc!
0x7144 Failed to back up files!
0x7146 Previous backup data can't be found. Please make sure the destination location is accessible.
0x7147 Failed to read or write the network location! Please check the network connection is functional.
0x3005 No disc found.
0x9001 Failed to Delete Job!
0x9002 Failed to cancel job creation!
0x9003 Failed to close session!
0x9004 Error on verify data!
0xa002 Failed to initialize the operation!
0xa003 The backup information file doesn't exist.
0xa004 Failed to close the operation!
0xa005 Failed to copy files!
0xa006 Destination path too long.
0xa007 Disk space is full.
0xa008 Failed to copy files!
0xa009 Failed to open backup file!
0xa00e Can't write to the backup location!
0xb001 Failed to connec to network! It may be caused by slow network or destination is not exist.
0xb002 Unknown username or password!
0xb003 Unknown error!
0xb004 Backup job %s was created successfully.
0xb005 Failed to create backup job %s.
0xb006 Backup job %s was modified successfully.
0xb007 Failed to modify backup job %s.
0xb008 Backup job %s was deleted.
0xb009 Failed to delete backup job %s.
0xb010 Backup job %s was restored successfully.
0xb011 Failed to restore backup job %s.
0xb012 The client is busy now, please try again later!
0xb013 Failed to backup! Can't access backup destination file.
0xb014 Internal Error! Please close this application and try again.
0xb015 Network connection was time out!
0xb016 The license was cancelled. All jobs were deleted.
0xb017 License  cancelled
0xb018 Exceeds the maximum allowed connections.
0xb019 The operation was cancelled.
0xb020 Network connection was time out!
0xb021 Failed to open database!
0xb022 Failed to Create Directory!
0xb023 Backup job %s was completed successfully.
0xb024 Backup job %s was failed.
0xb025 Backup job %s (Now) was completed successfully.
0xb026 Backup job %s (Now) was failed.
0xb027 Backup job %s was completed successfully.
0xb028 Backup job %s was failed.
0xb029 Backup job %s was modified successfully.
0xb030 Failed to modify backup job %s.
0xb031 Backup job (%s) was started
0xb032 Scheduled backup job (%s) was started
0xb033 Restoration Job (%s) was started
0x6001 Failed to open database!
0x6002 Database has been opened!
0x6003 Failed to delete file!
0x6004 No backup data!
0x6005 Failed to read file!
0x6006 Failed to write file!
0x6007 Failed to retrive file attributes!
0x6008 Failed to create folder!
0x6009 The image file is not exist!
0x600a No Enough Free Disk Space!
0x600b Command was time out!
0x600c Failed to write file! Network path is no longer available.
0x600d Failed to read or write the network location! Please check the network connection is functional.
0x600e No files were backed up or destination/source location is empty.
0xb034 A job is running now, please try again later!
PREEXECTUE_ERROR_STOP Failed to execute pre-commands! Backup job was terminated.
POSTEXECTUE_ERROR Failed to execute post-commands!
0xa204 Image file doesn't exist, or it was damaged.
0xb036  "Failed to initialize VSS. Please run chkdsk and try again!"
0x4007   "Failed to set system boot entry!"
0x4008  "The job name is exist already. Please input a different name"
0x4009  "Unable to copy files. Please try backup job again."
0x400a  "The backup image is not supported by this version."
0x400c  "Failed to access Windows registry."
SERVER_CREATE_FAILED Failed to create job %s!
SERVER_CREATE_SUCCEED Job %s was created.
SERVER_EDIT_FAILED Failed to modify job %s!
SERVER_EDIT_SUCCEED Job %s was edited.
SERVER_DEL_FAILED Failed to delete job %s!
SERVER_DEL_SUCCEED Job %s was deleted.
SERVER_SCHE_FAILED Failed to modify backup job %s!
SERVER_SCHE_SUCCEED Backup job %s has been modified successfully.
0xb035  "Files haven't been changed since last backup. There is no need to run backup job"
0xd001   "Failed to obtain disk-related information!"
0xd002   "Failed to restore the disk layout information!"
0xd003   "Failed to obtain volume information!"
0xd004   "The specified volume is not exist. Please make sure you selecte a correct volume."
0xd005   "Failed to obtain disk layout information!"
0xd006   "Failed to detect the target disk. Please make sure the disk is exist or is plugged in."
0xd007   "Failed to create target volume. Please make sure your hard disk works correctly and it has enough space for restoration."
0xd008   "You need reboot your computer to Recovery Manager (Pre-OS environment ) to restore Windows system partition."
0xd009   "Failed to delete all information on the target hard-disk."
0xd00a   "Failed to convert disk to the specific type. Your hard disk is null or your OS doesn't support such conversion."
0xd00b  "Failed to format volume!"
0xd00c  "Failed to mount volume!"
0xd00d   "Please choose a source hard disk or volume."
0xd00e   "Please select a target hard disk or volume."
0xd00f   "Failed to refresh target volumes!"
0xd010   "Failed to initialize WinSock module! Cannot configure your network."
0xd011   "The specific client connection doesn't exist. Please make sure your IP address is correct."
0xd012   "Failed to connect! The client might be currently connected to another server or console."
0xd013  "Failed to connect! Incorrect IP address."
0xd014  "Failed to access bootable device. Please make sure the device is working correctly."
0xd015   "CD/DVD isn't writable. Please insert a writable disc."
0xd016   "Failed to create bootable CD/DVD! Please check your CD/DVD drive is working."
0xd017   "Failed to adjust partition size! Your disk capacity is insufficient."
0xd018   "Can not export the PXE image!"
0xd019   "Failed to convert backup image to virtual disk (VMDK) format! Please make sure VMDK tool is installed."
0xd01a   "Can not find any removable device or CD/DVD to create a bootable media."
0xd021   "Failed to perform dissimilar restoration! The destination disk may not be bootable."
0xd022   "Failed to allocate the bootalbe partition in virtual disk environment."
0xd029   "You can only save VMWare image to a local path!"
0xd01b   "Begin to perform restoration of disk image %s."
0xd01c   "Begin to perform restoration of volume job %s."
0xd01d   "Begin convert disk image to virtual disk."
0xd01e   "Restore successfully of disk image %s."
0xd01f   "Restore successfully of volume job %s."
0xd020   "Successfully convert disk image to virtual disk."
0xd023   "Begin to clone disk %d to disk %d."
0xd024   "Begin to clone volume %C: to volume %C:."
0xd025   "Successfully clone disk %d to disk %d."
0xd026   "Successfully clone volume %C: to volume %C:."
0xd027   "Begin to perform restoration of job %s."

 "Successfully restore files of job %s."

 "Doesn't support dual  OS"

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